The 2020 season got underway with the IWAS World cup in Eger, Hungary which ran from the 14th-17th February and proved to be another great event that gave me a super start to the new season and penultimate World cup in the qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games!

My first event was in the Men's cat A Sabre and I was able to progress well through to the semi-finals where I came up against the tricky Russian Dronov and lost the match 15-7, leaving me in the Bronze medal position and with some thinking to do as to where the match was lost, what expect and can do about it, to prepare for when we next meet on piste.

I had a day to recover and do light pre-competition training again before my next event and first weapon, the Men's Cat A Epee. Thankfully, I had a much better event and having won all of my poule matches, I ranked No1 going into the direct eliminations and was able to progress through to the final where I met and beat my nemesis Maxim Shaburov RUS 15-9 and took the Gold Medal win!

Looking forward, next on the calendar is the last World cup event in the Tokyo qualifying period being held in Sao Paulo, March 11th-14th, followed by the European Championships in Hatfield,UK May 26th-31st. This event closed the Tokyo2020 qualifiers and we then await to hear about qualifications and selections and I am excited to be sitting in a good position at this time at the top of the leader board for Epee & Sabre! I will post any updates as soon as I receive them! 

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After getting so close, having taken Silver at the previous two World Championships in 2015 & 2017 I was determined not to be in that position again and I am thrilled to announce that I won the Men's Cat A Epee event becoming World Champion! It is something that I have worked long and hard for and to take the World championship Sabre Bronze was the icing on the cake and will certainly boost my IWAS and Paralympic rankings!


This was a competition of mixed feelings, It felt great to make it onto two podiums, I took the Bronze medal in both Cat A Epee & Sabre and whilst the Sabre result was a great one an on target, I have to admit to being a little disappointed with a Bronze in Epee, my target had been Gold and so whilst that didn't feel so great, on reflection, that's fencing and both results will give me valuable points to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and I will now go back and work on the areas in my fencing that need more attention then focus on the next event!


I was thrilled to take the top spot once more in my first weapon, Epee, at the IWAS World Cup in Sao Paulo, Brazil and pleased to add a Bronze in Sabre to the medal tally, both of which were not only great for my team but also great for me as the points earned from this event carry qualification points for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. As each competition brings me closer to the end of qualifying in May 2020, the excitement does the pressure but it is all good preparation for the biggest & most prestigious multi-sport event in the World and to have the honour of competing for your country at this event is what makes it worth fighting for!


I went out to Pisa with one goal, to try and continue my Gold medal winning form during the qualifying period for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and whilst I had meant to continue my winning form in the Men's Cat A Epee making it four Golds in a row, it was not to be, In a final all to reminiscent of previous Gold medal matches against my nemesis, the Russian Maxim Shaburov, I had to settle for Silver in Epee, loosing 15-14. Whilst this was disappointing for me, I did however, manage to continue the Gold medal run...albeit in Sabre & I was thrilled to take Gold in the Men's Cat A event, beating the reigning Paralympic Champion Andrii Demchuk of Ukraine 15-10. This was a great result for me to have a double Finals podium finish and reward for the work I had put in with Sabre, which is a new weapon for me this Paralympic cycle. 


 The 2019 season is an important one, as not only do all of the events carry ranking points in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games qualifying period that runs from Sept 2018 - May 2020 but it is also a World Championship year so there really is everything to play for!

The event went well for me and I was thrilled to take Cat A Epee Gold & Cat A Sabre Silver. Not only is it great to win and secure those valuable points but It is always reassuring when you get out on the circuit and things go to plan, it's helps to see what parts of your training are working and what needs change or improvement! 


I couldn't have asked for a better start to the Tokyo 2020 qualifiers, taking a second back-to-back Epee Gold, won in Kyoto, Japan. I also took Gold in Tbilisi, Georgia which was the opening event of the qualifying period which runs from November 2018 through to May 2020.

With this being my fourth World cup Individual Gold, a European Championship Silver & a Bronze at the beginning of the year, six podium finishes from the five events I competed at this year, with the addition of a Team Foil Silver making seven, it really was a great season and a satisfying way to end 2018!

My next event will be the2019 season opener, a World cup in Sharjah, U.A.E.


I couldn't have asked for a better start to the Tokyo 2020 qualifiers, having taken Gold in the Men's Cat A Epee. Epee is my first weapon and having just missed out on the Gold medal on my Paralympic debut in Rio2016, I have my sights firmly set on topping the podium in Tokyo and the win in Tbilisi was just what i needed to start as I mean to go on!


I have worked hard and been very lucky to have had a great few seasons and I felt that my fencing was going well as we went into Europeans and indeed, I moved quickly through my poules, heading to the D.E's ranked No1 in the Cat A Epee. It was a strong field and I worked hard and with consistently low loss of hits to reach the finals where, again, I was to meet my nemesis, Maxim Shaburov. I started off hard and fast and took an early lead but unfortunately the Russian came back and eventually took the win V15-13D leaving me in the Silver medal position. I was obviously very disappointed to have lost my chance at the European title but I made mistakes and in fencing it's hard to get them back, one mistake can be the difference between a medal or not but I now know what areas I need to work on and will be training hard to put it in place.

In Sabre, I finished 7th but learned a lot so that was as expected given I have only been fencing that weapon properly for a season & a half. It definitely feels like we're going in the right direction and with a newly formed Epee team that managed to finish 5th, I feel the future is looking bright!

The next ranking event is in November -a World Cup being held for the first time in Tbilisi, Georgia, this event is also the first of the Tokyo2020 qualifying events for our sport that will run from November 2018- May 2020 - Wish me luck! 

I started the match well and took an early lead but was unable to maintain the momentum and eventually lost to the Russian V15-13D. I was disappointed with my performance and having to settle for Silver once more but I recognise my errors and on reflection, I now know what I need to put in place and as we look forward, towards the next event in Tbilisi, Georgia the World cup that heralds the start of the Tokyo2020 qualifiers, I am planning to hit it hard and show what I am capable of!


The 'Szabla Kilinskiego' World Cup in Poland is a much anticipated event in our sports ranking calender, as along with Zonal and World Championship events, it attracts large, top ranking entries and so I was eager to get started after what seemed like a long competition break for me between Pisa and Warsaw. I went into the event feeling on good form and fenced well and so I was thrilled to take the Cat A Epee Gold, a title that was made all the more special as it was my fourth Warsaw win for which they present a superb trophy - a beautiful Sabre (not the fencingweapon) so I was so pleased to add a fourth to my collection! I also took the Bronze medal in the Cat A Sabre and after a day's rest, our Men's Foil team took the Silver medal. so a very successful event and a medal of each colour for me! On a sensible note, the event also gave me a taste of what to expect of the Worlds fencers including the Chinese team as we near the start of qualifiers for the Tokyo2020 Games which will commence in November of this year through to May 2020 and so again, I will be doing my best to be as well prepared as is possible and qualify for the Tokyo Paralympics!


I am pleased to report that my 2018 season got off to a good start with podiums at both Eger, Hungary and Pisa, Italy, where I won Cat A Epee Bronze and Gold Medals respectively. I was particularly thrilled with my Gold Medal win in Pisa, where having beaten my nemesis Shaburov RUS 15-10 in the Semi Finals , I went on to defeat Betti of Italy on his home turf 15-11 making this my 10th World cup win to date ! 

I was also presented with an award, as Epee A World No1, I was announced as the winner of the 'Best Ranked Fencer 2017'.  It was fantastic to receive this title which meant even more, knowing that it was the 3rd time that I have received this accolade, having held my World No1 ranking since 2015 !


The IWAS World Championships World Championships 2017 brought mixed emotions for me.

I felt I had prepared well and was ready to contest the title but whilst travelling to Rome I started to feel unwell and by the next day I was feeling really unwell with whatever Virus I had picked-up and it was a real challenge to keep pushing hard but it is what it is and whilst it is something that every athlete dreads at a prestigious event like this, you just have to get on with it, so I did my best to stay focused.

Whilst I was thrilled to make this a double podium event for me, winning Bronze in Sabre and Silver in Epee, I was also frustrated that I could not maintain my performance when in the Men's Cat A Epee final !

My Sabre competition started of really well and continued that way until I met my Nemesis in the L4 - Maxim Shaburov who was able to take control of the match and win 15 - 9, it was disappointing but I was thrilled to have achieved a World Championship bronze in my first season competing this weapon.

The next day saw me compete in my first weapon, Epee. I feel that I fenced well and won all of my matches comfortably and in the L4 where I met and beat Artur Yusupov of Russia 15 - 4 !  And so to the Final, and again, my Nemesis Maxim Shaburov of Russia.

The match was fairly even, going hit for hit until about the mid-way point in the match where, struggling to maintain my focus/energy through illness, I went on the  defensive. This proved to be the wrong decision and Shaburov took control and ultimately the match 15 - 12.

Although at the time, I was gutted to loose the match, on reflection, I did the best that I could do on the day. I had put in the preparation but on the day, it didn't go my way and looking back, I am thrilled to have had such a strong result with a double World championship podium and also a great season, having won a total of 8 Podiums, 5 of them Gold !

Now back to reality and planning for the 2018 season! 


Warsaw is always a well attended competition, with the World's best fencers ready to compete for Gold and the coveted Szabla Kilienskiego winners trophy - a beautiful Sabre !

I had a great competition, winning all of my matches through to the L16 where I was to meet my nemesis, the brilliant & fast Sun Gang of China. The last time we met, Sun defeated me in the Rio2016 Paralympic games Epee Final 15-13 but today it was to be my day and I beat him convincingly 15 - 4  in the L16 !

After a solid defeat over Schmidt of Germany, I was to meet my second nemesis of the day Shaburov of Russia. Here the match was much more evenly contested until I was able to take the lead and a place in the final where I was to fence the great technician Romain Noble. I went on win the match 15-4 and this took me to the podium, the Gold Medal and that super trophy !

This match also offered some reassurance that my coach and I were working together as planned and that some of what we are working on is coming into fruition already!


After a great start to my 2017 season, having taken three podiums at my last two events, my 2017 season was looking bright and it was made even more positive when I won the Men's Cat A Epee at the IWAS World Cup in Stadskanaal, The Netherlands, making this my third Gold medal of the season so far over two weapons. It's now back to the drawing board to continue the process of accessing performance in order to progress - wish me luck !


I recently returned from a very successful campaign at the IWASF World cup in Pisa, Italy where I took Gold in both the men's Cat A Epee and Sabre!

This was only my second competition of the 2017 season and having taken a short break to rest and reflect after the Rio 2016 Paralympic games, I was keen to see how my fencing was.

In February, at my first event back, the World cup in Eger,Hungary where I took Epee Bronze, I felt pleased with where my fencing was and how it felt and so just a few weeks later , at the World cup in Pisa, I was thrilled to take the Double Gold!

My Epee matches went well and I progressed comfortably through my D.E's to face the Italian Paralympic medallist Matteo Betti in the Final on his home turf and so I was very pleased when I went on to take the win 15-3.

The real thrill for me though at this event was to take the Gold in Sabre, beating the current Paralympic champion, Ukranian Andri Demchuk 15-9 in the Final! I had only started having lessons in Sabre in January, having decided to change my second weapon from Foil to Sabre an so whilst I wanted to do well, I had not expected to take the Gold on my Sabre debut but I am over the moon with the result and such a successful weekend's fencing !

Now it is back to training, ready for my next event; The IWASF World cup in Stadskanaal, Netherlands 12th-14th May 2017.


I still cannot quite believe it but I am thrilled to report that on Tuesday 13th september 2016, I took the men's Cat A Epee Silver Medal at the Rio 2016 Paralympic games !It was a huge honour to have been selected to compete for Great Britain as part of the ParalympicsGB Squad and I was ecstatic to be able to bring home a medal for GB.The whole experience at Rio was a fantastic one and I was pleased with the way I fenced. The day started to plan when i won all of my poule matches and went throught to the D.E's that went straight into Quarter-finals - this was tough,going straight into elimination matches with the very best fencers in the World but what you would expect at a Paralympic Games and true to form, everyone was at the top of their game!I won both my quarter -final match against Betti ITA 15-11 and semi final match against AL- Madhkhoori IRQ 15-10 but after a hard fought battle with the current World Champion Gang Sun CHN, I eventually lost 15-13 and took the Silver Medal. I was  obviously disappointed to miss out on Gold as that was my target but I was simply out-fenced by Sun CHN on the day. On reflection, a Paralympic Final and silver Medal at my first Paralympic Games is a huge acheivemnet and I am pleased to have given a solid performance and shown consistantly,that I am able to compete at the top of my sport. Looking to the future and Tokyo 2020, I will again be looking to take Gold and hopefully, if this time I have the benefit of a full 4 year cycle of funding to support me, I beleive that the Gold is a totally realistic goal !


I am pleased to be able to update you with great news, I have been selected to compete for Great Britain at the Rio 2016 Paralympic games in both the Individual Men's Cat A Epee and Foil events. I am thrilled and honoured to have been selected and so excited to be going into my first Paralympic Games.

The games run from 7th - 18th September and I will compete in Epee on Tuesday 13th September and in Foil on Wednesday 14th September – wish me luck !

Another bit of good news - ...I won Gold in the Men's Cat A Epee at the recent IWASF World cup in Warsaw, Poland !
Although the Rio qualifying period has now closed, this was an important event for me, as I wanted to test certain techniques and tactics that my coach Peter Rome and I have been working on, kind of a warm-up to Rio – it was reassuring to see that we seem to be doing the right thing !

As we move closer to the Paralympics, my training will intensify and we will be looking at all aspects of me as an athlete which is where I value the support of the team around me- my coaches Peter Rome and Glen Golding, my nutritionist Rene McGregor and my Team Bath support Luke Vella, Beenish Kamal & Dee.
I am also very lucky to have the great support of Piers Martin my programme director and Nigel Laughton who helps me with sponsorship and additional funding.

And last but not least, you, my brilliant sponsors, without whom I would not be in the position to write this update – Thank you so very much !

It's a great team and we are now focused on that final push to Rio and bringing home that Paralympic Gold medal


The European Championships was held in Turin, Italy and was the final competition in the Rio 2016 qualifying period for me with only the Americas championships to be held before the qualifying period closed at the end of May 2016.My aim for the Europeans was to take  the Men's Cat A Epee Gold and earn direct qualification to Rio but I had to settle for the Silver having been beaten by Shaburov RUS in the final 12-15. Although I was gutted not to win Gold ,  I was pleased and proud to put GBR on the podium at a European Championship and thrilled to have done enough to maintain my top spot and finish the qualifying period ranked No1 in both the Rio and the World rankings !


I have recently competed in the Cat A Foil & Epee events at the IWASF World Cup in Eger, Hungary and I am pleased to report that I took the Silver Medal in the Cat A Epee event, narrowly missing Gold by one hit and loosing to Yusupov RUS 15-14, it was so close !  Next time !I finished 8th in the Foil and as this is my second weapon,I was pleased with this result as I felt that I fenced well and despite going out in the L8 to Ye CHN, my fencing was so much stronger than previously against the 2012 Paralympic Silver Medallist.It was great to be on the podium once more and an honour to bring home another Medal for Great Britain.After a couple of days post-competition down-time, It will be back to training and the continuing focus of my road to Rio and Paralympic Gold!




I am excited to announce that BMT Hi-Q Sigma, together with their Bath-based sister companies, BMT Defence Services Ltd, BMT Reliability Consultants Ltd and BMT Isis, will be sponsoring me in 2016.

They will be joined by Gradwell Communications who are also sponsoring me in 2016 - I am thrilled to have both of these companies join me on my "Road to Rio" !

“It is difficult to express in words how grateful I am to my new sponsors for their support at this crucial time and I am excited to have them on board.

This financial support has enabled me to fund additional coaching in the lead-up to The Games, purchase new equipment and have the option of attending additional training camps – all of which make a significant difference and, importantly, help me to keep the Paralympic Gold Medal in my sights!




I am pleased to report that I have had a great end to the 2015 season, taking the Bronze Medal in Men's Cat A Epee and finishing 6th in the Foil at the IWASF World Cup in Sharjah, UAE  and also finished 2015 as World No1 which I still cannot quite believe - It was always a goal but to actually take the top spot in the world rankings  and so soon is just fantastic! I could not have achieved all of this without the help and input from my coaches Baldip Sahota, GeorgeFelletar, Kenichi Yamamoto, Peter Rome and Glen Golding, all of those who work with me at Team Bath and my sponsors/supporters - THANK YOU ALL !Now to look ahead to 2016 and how I can continue to improve and advance my fencing and secure that all important Rio qualification with the end goal of bringing home Gold for GB !

WORLD No 1 !

I am now Ranked No 1 in the World in Men's cat A Epee !This is fantastic news and although it is one of my aims I still can't quite believe it !I feel honoured and proud to head the World rankings table - it's great to put GBR in the No1 spot !


I am thrilled to have taken the Silver Medal in the Men's cat A Epee event at the IWASF World Championships 2015, held in Eger, Hungary. After a great semi-finals match that saw me meet JianquanTian CHN and go on to win 15-5, I was to meet Tian's team mate Gang Sun CHN in the Final. After a hard fought match that saw Sun take the initial lead, I was able to turn the match around taking the points to equal score,the match progressed with both fencers scoring points alternately or together until at the very last Sun took the winning hit and the Championship title. The final score was Sun CHN V15-14D Gilliver GBRAlthough obviously gutted to have come so close to a World Championship title, I am very happy to have taken the Silver Medal at such a prestigious event and bring home a great result for British wheelchair Fencing!


I have just returned from a successful weekend's competition at the British Disabled Fencing Association's National Championships 2015, where I took triple Gold medals and became National Champion in the Men's Cat A Foil, Epee and Sabre !I was also the joint winner of the "Wilkinson Sword Master at Arms Trophy" and the "Vera Burge Best Personal Performance Trophy" - Dimitri Coutya and I tied for points on both and  so share these awards!


Fantastic News ! I have been announced as the overall winner of the 2014 Men's Cat A Epee IWASF World Cup Series.All results from World Cups, Grand Prixs and all 3 Zonal Championships were taken for the calculation to determine the "World Cup Winners 2014".I was thrilled and honoured to accept the Trophy presented to me at the IWASF  World Cup in Pisa - it really was the best possible end to a great day's competition where I had just taken the win and  my Fourth World cup Gold in the Men's Cat A Epee event, it feels great to be able to bring these results home for Great Britain !


I am thrilled to report that I took Gold in the Men's Cat A Epee at the IWASF World Cup in Pisa, Italy. It was the biggest competition so far and in the final line-up it was fantastic to find myself among the top names in wheelchair fencing - 1st-Gilliver GBR, 2nd Noble FRA, 3rd-Pender POL, 3rd Fedyaev RUS. I also had a great result in Foil, placing 5th, a result that I was pleased with as this is my second weapon. All in all, a great weekends fencing and great to hear my countries National Anthem on podium and bring home another medal for GBR ! 


It is great to be able to update you with the news that as of 21st December 2014, I am currently No 1  in the Rio 2016 IWASF qualifiers ranking table in the Men's Cat A Epee.You can follow my progress by visiting ; 


I am pleased to repot that after a fantastic competition at the IWASF Grand Prix in Hong Kong that ran from the 17th - 21sr December 2014, I was able to complete my Hat-Trick of Gold medals by winning the Men's Cat A Epee,taking the Gold Medal and ending my season in the best way possible !I had a solid start to the competition having won all of my poule matches. This took me through to the D.E's ranked No 4 where I then had a L64 Bye. I went into the L32 where I was able to comfortably beat Yiu HKG 15 v 4. I then faced Citerne FRA and again took a comfortable victory 15 v 5. Winning the L8 15 v 11 against Macri ITA I progressed to the semi-finals where I was to face Tian CHN, having won that match 15 v 13 I was thrilled to find myself  facing Sun CHN in the final and ultimately, going on to win and take my third World Cup Gold !


I went out to the World Cup in Eger with renewed confidence after my win in Warsaw.I had an excellent start to the competition, winning all of my poule matches to rank No 1 in the Men's Cat A Epee event. Having had a L64 Bye, I went through to the L32 where I met and defeated Oliveira BRA 15 v 2. In the L16 I met Tokatlian FRA  whom i beat 15 v 13 taking me through to the L8 and after beating Kovalenia BLS 15 v 8 I was now through to the semi-finals where I met and defeated Pender POL 15 v 11. It was fantastic to find myself on the finals piste once more and I was up against left-hander Yusapov RUS, I won the match 15 v 11. It was great to win my secon consecutive World Cup and bring home another Gold for GBR !


I have returned from the Warsaw World Cup( Sept 25th-29th 2014 ) with a Gold Medal and have the bonus of having made British History by becoming the fisrt British fencer to win a World Cup ! I am thrilled with this result as this competition was the first event carrying accumilator points for qualification to the Rio 2016 Paralympics - definitely a great start !  In the Men's Cat A Epee event I dropped one poule round - only losing one bout by one hit and so went through to the D.E ranked No 8, this gave me a L64 Bye. In the L32 I faced Holovashchenko UKR whom I beat 15 v 3. In the L16 I beat Macri ITA 15 v 8 and going through to the L4 I met and defeated Noble FRA 15 v 3 ! On the finals piste I faced 2012 Paralympic champion Dariusz Pender  POL and after a very close fought match went on to take the victory and Gold Medal winning 15 v 14 !  It was a fantastic feeling to win my first World cup Gold !


I had a very successful trip to the World Cup in Lonato,Italy in May 2014 where I made it to the podium in both of my weapons! In the Men's Cat A Foil event I had a strong start, going through to the D.E ranked No 8 and having had a L32 Bye went on to meet Pellegrini ITA in the L16 whom I beat 15 v 10. This took me through to the L8 where on beating Chan HKG 15 v 6 I then progressed to the semi-finals where I fenced off against Betti ITA beating him 15 v 7. In what was my first World Cup finals piste I fought hard against World No 1 Osvath HUN but was unable to take the victory and lost 15 v 8 where I was happy to take the Silver Medal home for GBR! In the Men's Cat A Epee I won all but one of my poules matches taking me through to the D.E ranked No 4.With a L32 Bye I went through to the L16 to face Nalewajek POL beating him 15 v 6 for a place in the L8.Here I met Treter POL and having beaten him 15 v 9, I went into the semi-finals where I met and lost to Calka POL 15 v 12 and had to settle for Bronze! I was pleased with my overall performances in Lonato and it was great to bring back Medals for GBR !


I had a fantastic trip to Sheffield to compete in the British Championships at the E.I.S Arena in Sheffield (Dec 6th/7th2013) where I won both the Men's Cat A Epee and the Men's Cat A Sabre events to take double National titles! I also won a Silver Medal in the Men's Cat A Foil, just losing out on the top spot to reigning Foil National Champion Simon Wilson.


Winner of Mixed Foil, Epee and Sabre events.

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